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Welcome to our home on the web. Here you will find authentic home style sauces, rubs and spice blends.


The following BBQ Sauces, Rubs and spice blends capture the very essence of Southern Style BBQ. Burly spent 3 years traveling Route 66 from the beginning to the end learning everything about southern cooking from every BBQ shanty, shack, or stand along the way. He work many hours with these legendary pit masters learning everything they were willing to teach him. Everything you find in this web store is deep rooted in that time tested heritage. So come on in, pour your self a cup of Joe and experience what we have to offer.


Picture a place where the HIV infection rate is at 35% prevalence, now add in a staggering 85% unemployment; now what have you got? A place where people are dying by the hundreds daily. Combine that with the high unemployment rate which means that education isn't possible for the young the very people who have the power to break the cycle. No place is that bad you say; unfortunately in S. Africa that is the daily way of life.

We here at Burly's Chuck Wagon have joined forces with Road Works, a local non profit organization that funds an education program in So. Africa to break this vicious cycle of death and poverty. By building schools, mentoring youth, and showing them love, this cycle can be broken time and time again. Please watch the short video below to learn more about the amazing accomplishments taking place there day by day, one child at a time.

With every sale, Burly's Chuck Wagon will donate 20% to this worthy cause. We believe that together we can and will make a difference in these young peoples lives. Would you please consider making an offering now and start changing these precious lives. You can do this by purchasing one of our products or by clicking on the donate link below, thank you in advance for your support to break this terrible cycle of death and poverty.







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